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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and YOU can’t do all the things, so Why not outsource the tasks that no longer serve you.  We offer simple solutions for the creative technophobe.

We Can Make You  A Logo

We Can Make A Your Social Media Headers (That’s a Linked In Header).

I Can Keep Your Accountable So Your Business And Marketing Take Off

Myisha has helped me get organized, remain accountable to my marketing goals, and stay focused on revenue-generating activities.  She encourages me, as a woman, to not be afraid to go bigger.  Since she has taken over PSYCHED’s social media strategy our traffic has doubled to 20,000 page views per month.

Traci Ruble, MFT

CEO, Psyched IN San Francisco

Myisha is a knowledgeable strategist that uses proven techniques that are tailored for your business. I appreciate her in assisting me with expanding my reach! I appreciate her in assisting me with expanding my reach! Highly recommended!

Je Tuan Jones

Spiritual Healer & Goddess Mentor, Je Tuan Jones

Myisha is helping me change the way I use social media. She’s not only super knowledgeable but quite intuitive and knows what I need before I suggest it. She’s helping me to get more visibility and create an online identity that I couldn’t have achieved by myself.​

Candace Smith

Photographer, Candace Smith Photography

Let’s Do This Already

If you aren’t ready to share your hard earned dollars, I get it.  So let’s start like this for you first-timers to the Myisha T prowess. Tell me about yourself and I can tell you if I am a match.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can We Get Started?

As soon as you make your payment you will be taken to the calendar to book your appointment and make your payment

Do You Offer Refunds?

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, our prices are so low at this time we cannot offer refunds. BUT we will honor a reasonable credit for future services!